Cool Spa


Recently, I had a Fractora Microneedling Radio Frequency treatment done at Coolspa. This treatment helps reduce wrinkles, scars and sagging skin. The pins in this device help resurface the skin while creating new collagen. Usually a series of treatments is used for optimal results. However, since I've had a lot of microneedling done in the past that wasn't necessary. 

My experience at Cool Spa was great. The facility is really clean and I felt right at home in the Upper East Side. Everyone I talked to was friendly and helpful and wanted to make sure I got the best results out of my treatment. Tamara numbed my skin for about 25 minutes and then performed the treatment. I prefer this type of microeendling because theres a lot less blood and it felt like less down time with the same results as regular microneedling. After the treatment, my skin looked red and blotchy. The following 3-5 days I saw instant results. I developed pin marks on my skin and as the weeks progressed I saw really good results. I highly recommend this treatment as I see it as a quicker and less painful way to get the results you truly want. Thanks Cool Spa!

Taylor Camp