Men's Health date night post

The Ballad of the Blazer

Whether your date scene is dinner and a movie or relaxing while sipping some wine and listening to records there is one axiom of men’s style that you cannot ignore: put on a blazer.  

Instant Style Upgrade

No matter where you are, wearing lapels instantly make you look better. The blazer works carelessly thrown over a sweater or can be the final piece to pull together your tie and shirt combo.  Guys do have it easier than girls when it comes to date night, so don’t mess it up by looking like an unpolished slob after she’s probably put a lot of time and effort into looking great on your arm.

Don’t Look Lumpy

You did it, you made it through dinner and nothing embarrassing has happened yet. The check comes in and you reach for your wallet and spend a good 30 seconds fidgeting and flopping in your chair like a fish trying to pull it out.  The blazer is the tool belt of a gentleman. You have more places to put things than your mother’s mini van. As a bonus, there is nothing more suave than reaching into your coat and pulling out exactly what you need like James Bond.

Be Who You Are

The most important thing to remember is to just be yourself, whether it is your first or fiftieth date. The blazer allows you to pull off whatever look you feel comfortable in.

The blazer will show that you care enough about tonight to look great… well because you will!