Lately I’ve been visiting Dr. Laura Dyer. Laura Dyer is a great dermatologist who’s been in the business for years. She’s honest, kind and takes great care of each one of her patients.

During each appointment, I’ve had an Isolaz acne therapy treatment done with Dr. Eugene Wexler. Isolaz is a unique acne clearing light therapy treatment system, which helps prevent future acne breakouts. This treatment describes itself as “CPR” to acne sufferers. The “C” cleanses the pores, the “P” purifies the skin from both inside and out and the “R” replenishes the skin. This treatment also decreases the number of acne spots, helps remove oil and blackheads, reduces your pore sizes on your skin and improves overall skin texture. After my treatment, my skin immediately looked cleaner and clearer.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is currently suffering from severe or moderate acne. Over the course of a whole year, I’ve had about thirty of these treatments done and I’ve noticed an incredible improvement to how my skin looks. Lastly, Isolaz doesn’t hurt, there’s no downtime afterwards, and it’s a completely painless procedure. Overall, it’s a great treatment I’m glad exists!

Taylor Camp