NeoClear Acne Laser Therapy

Like some of you, I have very oily skin. To take care of this problem and to fix old acne scars, I’ve been getting Aerolase treatments done at Juva Skin & Laser Center.  

This treatment is a two-part laser process. My NeoClear practitioner, Marianne Woody, MSN, DCNP" began the NeoClear treatment With one single pass, this laser can stop excess sebum production, decrease inflammation and destroy acne causing bacteria. The second step of this treatment is to spot treat the individual active acne lesions. This was my fourth Aerolase treatment in two months and as always, I’ve loved the results. My skin immediately felt clearer and brighter with less oil and reduced pigment left over from acne scars. My practitioner recommends that I receive 6 NeoClear treatments for optimal results and come for maintenance treatments throughout the year when my skin needs some TLC. What is so great about this laser is not only can it treat acne and acne scarring, but also can address skin tone and texture and other unwanted skin issues such as warts, scars, rosacea and redness.

I highly recommend NeoClear by Aerolase Acne Laser Therapy as a stop acne in its tracks type of treatment. Visit  Juva Skin & Laser Center for a consultation and see what Aerolase can do to improve your skin.

Taylor Camp