Face to Face


Recently, I went to visit Face to Face NYC. Located on 20 West 20th Street, this was a quick ride down on the Q train coming from my apartment in the Upper East Side. My skin has been acting up recently, so I decided to take an extra step and get the Micro Peel Groovy Facial. This facial was designed for people who live a fast lifestyle and only get their pores cleaned a few times a year. The purpose of this treatment was to combine two cleansing technologies: a microdermabrasion and a retinol peel. These two technologies help resurface the skin, fix sun damage, fine lines and help reduce blackheads. This whole treatment took about 90 minutes to complete. Afterwards, my skin felt much clearer and smoother. Enrique, the spa owner, did a great job and made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole treatment. As well as facials, Face to Face also does body treatments, hair removal and massages. They've been in the business for over 10 years and I consider them experts. I would highly recommend visiting soon!

Taylor Camp