Bomberg is a young Swiss company that makes a great, military-style watch. Reinventing the classic timepiece, they create and sell an array of modern watches of exceptional quality that cater to the modern man.

Bomberg introduced the Bolt-68 watch in 2014. The year 1968 represents the roots of the brand and is in reference to one of the most significant years of the 20th century, one that saw great social change and innovation. The term “bolt,” emphasizes the strength of the collection and its unconventional design. This watch is unique because it was designed with the patented bayonet system giving the option to also turn it into a masculine pocket watch. To do so, twist the watch face counter clockwise. The watch face pops off and has both a clip and a substantial chain attached to the back of it. This is an interesting spin to a modern timepiece that’s exclusive to Bomberg. The Bolt-68 is available in two models and a variety of cases, while the Bolt-68 Skull is a limited edition with a black chain representing skull and crossbones.

This watch was simple to pair with my already established fall wardrobe. I mixed it with a classic brown, blue and white gingham spread collar shirt from Cotton Brew, a crested buck tie from J. Crew and a wool navy blazer also from J. Crew. The Bolt-68 by Bomberg is a big, bold timepiece that needs no other accessory.  Pairing classic wardrobe pieces with this innovative watch design is definitely a conversation starter.  

Taylor Camp