Men's Health Vicks "Power Through" Campaign

Although it’s been an unseasonably warm December in New York City, I’m prepared for the frigid Northeast weather just around the corner. With proper hygiene such as washing my hands and getting enough rest, I look forward to keeping healthy this winter and having #nosickdays for the upcoming season. Should I end up in bed with symptoms, Vicks Dayquil Severe or NyQuil Severe will be in my cold and flu arsenal. Both are over-the-counter medications that target specific concerns.

The DayQuil Severe is a daytime non-drowsy pain reliever and fever reducer used to alleviate certain symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, sore throat, nasal or sinus congestion and other upper respiratory symptoms.

The NyQuil Severe is a nighttime medication that focuses on the same chest congestion and headache symptoms with additional relief for a runny nose so you can get the rest you need.

If you prefer to take a pill instead of a liquid cough syrup, both medicines come in caplets as well. And if you’re interested in purchasing Vicks, check out this coupon. Feel better AND save money!

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