Armani Exchange Men's Leather Watch

A classic-style watch is a great accessory to finalize any look. This men’s medium brown leather watch from Armani Exchange is a great option that I would recommend wearing. 

A detail that I appreciate is that the watch face isn't completely round. The lugs extend off the corners of the face, giving it a unique look. The watch fits comfortably, ticks silently and doesn't feel heavy when worn. The subtle, light green color detail inside the watch face makes it look fresh, giving it more pop, and the light tan leather strap gives it a sporty feel. Because of these less formal details, I consider it more a summer accessory. And, as a more casual watch. I would wear it to a bar or a cocktail party, compared to a formal dinner or event. That being said, whatever the occasion, I guarantee you’ll stand out in the crowd with this exceptional timepiece.

Taylor Camp