Jawbone Part 2

The Jawbone feature called “Smart Coach” on the UP MOVE app is a great benefit of using this activity tracker. The “Smart Coach” feature I use most often tells me how many steps I take in a 24-hour period. I live in New York City and I do a lot of walking every day. The UP MOVE calculated that some days I take over 20,000 steps, which is equivalent to 13 miles! The UP app Food Score will even track what I eat everyday and let me know if I’m getting the right amount of calories and nutrients related to my daily activity. And, as I become more active, “Smart Coach” will respond with tips and suggestions to make the most of my steps count. The app will also monitor when I’m idle and how long and how well I sleep, giving me the insight on how that relates to activity during the day. A fun benefit has been connecting on social media with friends or “teammates” that use the UP MOVE, as the shared information keeps me motivated by seeing their progress. I appreciate how easy the “Smart Coach” data is to understand as it provides a good overview of the day. Because of all these user-friendly features I’ll continue using the UP MOVE to track and monitor my long-term fitness goals. 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by/in partnership with Jawbone, but all opinions are my own, that would be more along the lines of FTC appropriate disclosure.

Taylor Camp