Kent & Bond

Lately, I’ve been using an all-natural deodorant from a New York City based company called Kent & Bond. This company makes bar soap, beard oil and body wash for the modern man. All the products they make are paraben free and never tested on animals.

When I apply this product, it leaves me feeling fresh and clean. The product smells like teatree and once its applied I never sweat. The bentonite clay kills any bacteria your body creates and helps absorb moisture. The oils in this product provide your skin with antiseptic and detoxifying benefits.

Sometimes organic deodorant gets a bad reputation. People think that since it doesn’t have as many chemicals compared to leading brands then it isn’t effective. However, this is not true. A lot of the deodorant being sold at your local drug store is made with additives and hurtful chemicals. 

Lastly, this deodorant is aluminum free which is really important to me. Using aluminum-based products on your body has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Men should take more precaution about what they apply on their skin. Kent & Bond is doing a great job by making products that more companies should try to emulate. 

Taylor Camp