Duluth Pack

A classic, exceptionally handcrafted backpack with functioning, deep pockets and a spacious interior is a great piece to own. A brand that fits these parameters perfectly and with an urban twist is the Duluth Urban pack.

Duluth Pack has been in business since 1882, making it the oldest leather and canvas making company in the USA. In fact, the entire product is made at a factory in Duluth, Minnesota.

Duluth Pack strives to make the world’s best high quality canvas and leather packs with their products have a lifetime guarantee. This is a great service from a company that well deserves your support.

The Urban Pack, available in 15 colors, is a great piece to wear casually and I recommend using it on the weekends or for day trips. When you decide to wear this rucksack, I’m sure you will make heads turn with this exceptional piece.

Taylor Camp