Men's Health: SAGE by Hughes daily wins

As I grow older taking control of my life is of utmost importance. Time and scheduling seem even more mandatory and I enjoy keeping a busy schedule. I keep a calendar on my iPhone based on what I have to accomplish each day and prep myself beforehand to successfully finish each task.

A win is whatever works to make your mind and body operate at its greatest potential. Simple, yet essential, a daily win for me are the days when I eat really healthy and stay hydrated.

Another daily win is a run through Central Park. Running gives me natural runners high and I consider it a caffeine boost for my soul. Running can also be a type of therapy as I run through my problems and formulate new ideas. Although, I take the same route each time, the four seasons of New York provide a different visual experience. I enjoy the familiar sights, sounds and smells during each run and even though I run over an hour, it goes by quickly.

And finally a good night sleep is the ultimate win. As studies have shown 7 to 8 hours is one of the best things for your brain and without that my day would be like an engine running on 50%.

To prep my body to sleep, I drink tart cherry juice or a cup of chamomile tea. Tart cherry juice is rich in melatonin, a natural sleep inducer. Chamomile is thought to calm the nervous system. Both of these organic substances ease my mind and help me settle down. It’s the perfect way to unwind after any busy day.

Taylor Camp