Huckberry Affiliate Work: Crosby Square


A brown wingtip boot is a great investment that every man should own. Crosby Square is a heritage men’s shoe company that has been making quality footwear since 1867. Currently, all of their shoes are produced in a factory in Spain. With a heritage shoe brand that’s been around for over a century, I can only promise you an exceptional product from a timeless brand.

I picked the McCormick style in brown ideally because this color is simple to wear more casually or formally. I’ve always felt that black is a much harder color to mix into my existing wardrobe. These boots are Blake constructed and the insides are lined with leather. A Blake constructed boot means the stitch runs directly through the upper part of the shoe to the sole. This type of construction allows the boot to be more flexible when worn.

The details of these boots were very well executed and set them apart from competitors. The outsides were made with an eye catching pebble grain calf leather that I truly love. The laces are strong, thick and durable which gives a more rugged feel to them. In addition, the bottoms were designed with rubber mini lugs so you don’t slip when the ground is wet. Lastly, these boots fit comfortably and have just enough breathing room inside them so my feet don’t feel crunched when worn.

I wore the McCormick with a vintage brown tweed overcoat that I found for only $20 at a salvation army, a maroon banker stripe shirt from J. Crew, an orange shawl sweater from H&M, a green tweed two-buttoned Tommy Hilfiger blazer, a vintage silver skinny tie from the 1960’s, and a pair of gray chinos from J. Crew. All of these listed items are classic and can be directly correlated to each other.

In conclusion, the McCormick from Crosby Square is a great option for any man trying to upgrade his current boot collection. I’m really looking forward to breaking my new boots in. The leather will age nicely after worn and they will look even more stylish compared to how they were originally mailed to me.

Taylor Camp