Recently, I've been continuing my strength training exercise program at SlowBurn. I've been progressively gaining more muscle mass as each week continues. It's been interesting to see which machines I've learned to grow into and which machines I still have trouble with. Surprisingly, one machine has been hurting my knee which I had knee surgery on almost ten years ago. Fredrick told me he's never heard anyone have that problem before.

It's been great working one on one with such a dedicated trainer. Fred motivates me during each session and has always seemed really focused on my personal results. Also, this exercise program is a full body work out which is great for me since I mainly only focus on running. It's good to focus on all parts of my body instead of just cardio.

My favorite machines are the lower body machines. The leg press has generally been easier for me compared to the upper body machines. It's always a great feeling leaving this gym more energized. I like it when my muscles are shaking when I'm done. Thats when I know I had a good work out. Feel the burn!

Taylor Camp