SlowBurn Finale

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 4.09.22 PM.png

Recently, I finished my 8-week collaboration with SlowBurn. To tally my final results, Fredrick attached two sticky pads to my body: one on my foot and one to my hand. This electro current test is called the Inbody 570 Body Scan, which calculates a person's BMI.

In 2 months, and after 10 sessions, which equals about 2 hours in total effort, I gained 5 pounds of lean mass, muscle and lost 8 pounds of fat. I'm surprised I had this great of a result! Fredrick's program really works and I feel a lot stronger compared to when I first started. I've noticed a big difference in how I physically look and how I feel. 

During my second to last session, I performed really well on the leg press. I pressed 480 pounds! When I first started, I was only pressing 280 pounds. After I finished, I could tell I came a really long way from when I first started 8 weeks ago back in May. I was really pleased with my final outcome! To conclude, Fredrick is an expert trainer who runs an excellent program that I would recommend to any person of any age or body type. SlowBurn works!

Taylor Camp