Satori Laser


Back acne or "bacne" is a common problem that's not talked about very much. Year-round frequent exercising and increased sweating during the summer months can result in acne on the back. Scrubs and peels are the first defense, but that can sometimes exacerbate the issue. Another way to combat this is to manually remove the hair follicle with waxing. It's important to remove the entire hair follicle to deter bacteria from growing and to stop future acne from forming. But since waxing is temporary, as all the hair will eventually grow back, laser hair removal is a better option. I've had multiple laser hair removal treatments in the past and each time there is less and less hair to remove. Recently, I decided to try Satori Laser on 86 Street between 1st and 2nd avenues.  Although never being to Satori Laser, I already knew I was was in good hands since all five of their locations have excellent online reviews. 

Satori Laser prides itself on being both affordable and offering top quality lasers to their clientele.  This entire facility was extremely clean and the sign up process was simple. The receptionist greeted me with infused? water and the technician was highly skilled. She first shaved the existing hair off my entire back and shoulders and then used the Candela laser starting at the top of my neck, over both shoulders and down to my lower back. The whole process was quick and pain free, taking less than 15 minutes for the entire treatment. Aloe vera gel was then applied to my back to soothe my skin and I was on my way. And now, two weeks post treatment, there is no sign of "bacne' and my skin is healthy, smooth and hair-free. Since hair grows in cycles, I know that a few will again appear on my back, and should they give me problems, I'm happy to have Satori Laser as a resource.

Taylor Camp