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After some research in my ongoing quest to reduce old acne scars, I recently decided to try a Lutronic LaseMD resurfacing treatment. I went to see Dr. Daniel Belkin at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York.  The LaseMD treatment is designed to correct old pigment and acne scars and is safe on all skin types. Each treatment can be customized from 6-20 minutes depending on the patient’s skin issues and its recommend to have at least three treatments to see good results.

As a pre-treatment, Dr. Belkin applied a numbing cream on my entire face, removing it after 20 minutes. The Lutronic laser is designed to roll across the skin and poke microscopic holes or channels, creating new passage ways to resurface the skin. During consultation, Dr. Belkin suggested five passes with the laser and fortunately the numbing cream on my face continued to work! Afterwards, my skin looked really red, like a bad sunburn. To calm the skin, a serum was first applied to the area followed by a sheet mask to deliver deeper results. I’m happy with how my skin responded to the Lutronic LaseMD treatment and would recommend a consultation with Dr. Belkin if you're looking for a quick, light resurfacing treatment at an affordable price.

Taylor Camp