Work Sharp Culinary


Every good kitchen deserves a sharp knife and every serious cook knows that good knives are an investment. They're also useful, practical and pretty much necessary for daily cooking. Not only that, because they require greater pressure when slicing, dull knives are dangerous and cause more kitchen accidents than sharp ones. 

To keep my knives at their cutting best, I use the sharpener from Work Sharp Culinary, a “made in America” product from Oregon. As an added benefit, Work Sharp Culinary believes in environmental sustainability and respects the resources it uses. After reducing and reusing, the company recycles as much of their waste as possible including corrugated, glass, aluminum, steel, other metals, and plastics. 

The Work Sharp Culinary E5 electric kitchen knife sharpener uses both a control speed and a high-performance sharpening belt to make the whole process both simple and user friendly. The 8" ceramic honing rod guides the knife through the belt allowing a consistent edge. The one-touch programing built into the machine makes it easy for me to shape, sharpen and refine my knives at any time with the push of a button. I actually enjoy cooking now that I have good tools, starting with sharp knives. The simple act of slicing a tomato is effortless now and my knife glides through a sirloin steak. 

So any way you slice it, Work Sharp Culinary makes an excellent product that is America-made by an environmentally responsible company. Nothing dicey about that!

Taylor Camp