I highly recommend investing in a good skin care system. Its important to keep your skin looking healthy and young for as long as possible. Schaf, based in Toronto, Canada, produces a line of natural mens only skincare products. This simple approach to a vast market is well advanced. All their products are made with organic ingredients. These products are all toxin, color and fragrance free. There’s a strong emphasis placed on science and improving your skins appearance, rather than hype. Each of these product tubes has a pop off cap and an airless pump which helps maintain freshness and effectiveness. This makes each pump as good as the first. The simple 4 step system includes a shaving cream, a hydrating cream, a cleanser and an exfoliating scrub. The apricot scrub should be used 2 or 3 days a week to remove dead skin cells. The cleanser and the hydrating cream should be used every time you was your face and the shaving cream should only be used if your girlfriend or wife wants you cleanly shaven. Lastly, with a system sold a such a reasonable price, you have nothing to lose if you invest in Schaf.