BARED mens footwear review

A pair of monk strap shoes is great to have in your wardrobe. Monk Strap is a style of shoe with no lacing and is closed with either a buckle or strap. It’s a style that originated in the monasteries of Europe, hence the name “monk”. This pair was made and designed by BARED Footwear, a company based in Australia. I’m normally not a fan of shoes without laces but the tasteful use of buckles now attracts my attention and these mahogany colored shoes have added a valuable layer to my wardrobe. Crafted from leather, these shoes overtime, will mold to my feet giving me an even more comfortable stride. These shoes were boxed with an extra pair of shoe sole and toe pads, allowing cushioning for upcoming seasons. This is an additional bit of customer service, which I appreciate. I look forward to wearing my BARED monk strap shoes for many years to come.