Victorinox Swiss Army watches have been made in a family business in Ibach, the heart of Switzerland for over 130 years. You might have already recognized Victorinox as the original maker of the Swiss Army knife. Swiss Army Knives have been used by millions of people all over the world. This cult object used by military people, astronauts and regular people alike can now be found in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Along with watches, Victorinox produces luggage, clothing and fragrances too.

Alliance by Victorinox is a series of utilitarian watches released specifically for this summer. This is a classic watch you can easily wear in formal and non-formal occasions. This watch is self-winding and comes in two different colors, dark gray or eggshell. These watches come with two bracelets, polished and stained steel or an ecologically tanned black leather strap, made with an understanding of protecting the environment. Both these watch bracelets come with a folding clasp too, so you don’t have to worry about the watch moving around once its on your wrist. Connecting with the brands utilitarian aesthetic, the smaller numbers seen on top of each dial are used to tell military time. The watch face is scratch resistant and is water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 meters. Lastly, all Victorinox watches come with a three-year guarantee and are designed to last a lifetime.

Psycho Bunny

A foulard tie is essential for any fashionable man's wardrobe. This particular one by Psycho Bunny is my new favorite. Look closely and see their logo. Along with neckties, they sell a variety of stylish mens clothing. My simple suggestions would be to make sure that the button down shirt is lighter than the tie and that the pocket square coordinates but doesn’t match exactly. This creates visual interest.

Tommy Hilfiger

Saddle shoes are essential for every man’s wardrobe. This pair, by Tommy Hilfiger are classic and comfortable and are the perfect mix between a wingtip and suede oxford. And because of this, they can be easily paired with dress or casual items already in your wardrobe. The copper sole and the broguing in the middle of the shoe add a really nice, yet subtle, detail that I appreciate. A perfect shoe for crisp Autumn days.

Ivy Prepster

Ivy Prepster makes great vintage inspired neckwear and is committed to making ties for the preppy wardrobe. As I’ve posted about this brand in the past, I continue to be impressed by the quality of the products in the portfolio of this Massachusetts company. Above, I’m wearing the Altschul Stripe tie and the Anchor tie bar. The tie is 100% cotton and holds a good dimple. Nautical and stripes are a classic combination and one that will be a constant in my wardrobe. 

BARED mens footwear review

A pair of monk strap shoes is great to have in your wardrobe. Monk Strap is a style of shoe with no lacing and is closed with either a buckle or strap. It’s a style that originated in the monasteries of Europe, hence the name “monk”. This pair was made and designed by BARED Footwear, a company based in Australia. I’m normally not a fan of shoes without laces but the tasteful use of buckles now attracts my attention and these mahogany colored shoes have added a valuable layer to my wardrobe. Crafted from leather, these shoes overtime, will mold to my feet giving me an even more comfortable stride. These shoes were boxed with an extra pair of shoe sole and toe pads, allowing cushioning for upcoming seasons. This is an additional bit of customer service, which I appreciate. I look forward to wearing my BARED monk strap shoes for many years to come.   


Jacques Elliott

I recently discovered Jacques Elliott at Capsule NYC in July. This newly established tie company is currently based in New York City. As with all their products, this tie was constructed in the USA. The styles they sell are classic and will upgrade any mans wardrobe. I appreciate that Jacques Elliot understands the minimal aesthetic of dressing up and dressing well. Shown, is the Blue Streaker Freaker Checked tie. I paired this tie with a merino v-neck sweater, a tweed blazer and a classic gingham button down. These are classic additions to menswear that will never go out of style. Although all in the same color story, each individual texture compliments and accentuates the others. Thank you Jacques Elliott for being the incentive for today’s post.


Daniel Wellington

A classic and timeless watch is an essential accessory to any well dressed mans wardrobe. I appreciate a minimally designed timepiece that I can either dress up or dress down for any occasion. Daniel Wellington, a Swedish watch company, makes watches that understand this aesthetic. The classic Bristol has a leather strap that gives this watch a timeless feel and the rose gold on both the dial and the face is a great sophisticated touch. I especially like the silent tick and how lightweight it feels on my wrist. With such a beautifully designed timepiece and being sold for under 300 dollars, this watch is a must have for any man.