Mens Health NYE resolutions


My 2015 creative resolutions are to continue reviews and features of menswear products made in America and to provide “laydowns” as dressing tutorials.

Of great importance to me is to profile quality products that are made here in the United States so that my followers are aware of options not mass-produced. During this past year, I’ve featured small, independent and start-up companies selling great style at a reasonable price including Rail and River, Ivy Prepster, New England Outwear, Caputo & Co, The Knottery, Stewart James, Corridor NYC, Black Point Mercantile and Game Day Skincare. These companies represent, to me, what it means to be American: independent vision + attention to detail.

As a way to provide inspiration for my followers, I’ll be making clothing “laydowns”. A laydown consists of creating an outfit and laying it on a surface for photography from above.  There’s no model or background involved, other than the surface the clothes are laid on. This is a “how and why” technique that puts focus specifically on pattern, color and design within the clothing. In 2015, I’ll be creating three looks for each season as a way to show how I put a specific outfit together. And in doing so, will make every attempt to incorporate the American made products of which I am so passionate about. 

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Taylor Camp