One of the problems of manufacturing in the world today is “they just don’t make things like they used to”. However, that’s not the case with the Blue Royal Panama and Green/ Blue Tatterall shirts from Twillory. I’m impressed that Twillory uses high quality Egyptian cotton and buttons fashioned from genuine mother of pearl. It’s this sort of detail and commitment to perfecting a garment that a lot of other brands, even those with steeper price tags, have neglected. I’d also encourage you to check your closet and see how many buttons your other shirts have. The Twillory shirts have 8 buttons from top to bottom that keep your shirt from frumping and keeps the tailored look clean. As an added bonus, with every purchase Twillory will send a prepaid mailer bag for you to fill with gently used clothing from the back of your closet and they will donate them to people in need. I’m looking forward to wearing these shirts for many years to come.


Taylor Camp