Men's Health: Summer Style

Dressing more formally during the warmer months has always been a challenge. Since most days are too hot and humid to wear multiple layers, I’m usually dressed casually, wearing a pocket tee and a pair of tailored shorts. If it’s a cooler summer day, I can be found wearing a linen blazer, dress shirt, slim tailored slacks and a pair of brown dress shoes.

I am influenced by classic summer menswear that was popular during the 1960s and appreciate this era when men took pride in how they dressed. A wonderful book in my menswear library that beautifully illustrates this time period is called “Take Ivy”. In it, a group of Japanese photographers showcase men’s fashion on prestigious Ivy League campuses across the East Coast of the the United States.

One of my favorite lightweight summer fabrics to wear is madras. The word madras gets its name from the city of Chennai (formerly Madras), India. This cotton fabric is preppy, lightweight and easy to wear. Two of my often-worn shirts are madras, which can be seen both here and here. I enjoy taking a break from dressing more formally during the warmer months but keeping my esthetic and sense of style through color and fabric choice is still important.


Taylor Camp