Original Penguin: Original Blend

I’ve just started wearing a newly released fragrance made by Original Penguin called Original Blend. This eau de toilette spray is the fifth exclusive men’s fragrance for the brand. What immediately stands out is the cool blue flask-shaped bottle. It’s made in the USA and is embellished with a bold graphic design by Jeremyville. Jeremville, an artist, and product designer based in SoHo, NYC. Whats so great to discover, is that Original Blend smells amazing, with notes of bergamont, lime, apple and sandalwood. It’s a masculine and refreshing scent that truly encapsulates summer with its aquatic feel and citrus notes. I will definitely wear it at a gallery opening, at a barbecue in Central Park, on a summer date and for the rest of the season. Original Blend is a head-turner and a perfect gift for any well-dressed man. 

Taylor Camp