Old Spice Hardest working Collection Pt 1

This summer I’m proud to announce that I’m partnering with Old Spice promoting their “Hardest Working Collection” and the “Legendary Protection for Legendary Men” marketing campaign. The new collection consists of the “Odor Blocker” and “Sweat Defense” anti-perspirant/deodorants and a “Dirt Destroyer” body wash. It’s a collection for guys who live an active lifestyle, train hard, play hard and demand excellent performance from their grooming products.

I recently traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio with Old Spice to visit the Procter and Gamble Headquarters. I learned the entire history of the brand and how each product in the “Hardest Working Collection” was specifically made. During our tour, we saw vintage products including “Soap on a Rope” and different types of classic aftershaves. Old Spice for women was first created in 1937, followed by men’s products in 1938.  And now, with 80 years as an American icon, Old Spice is the quintessential men’s grooming brand. In June 1990, P&G purchased the entire Old Spice collection from the Shulton Company.

Old Spice is an American-made product that has always been marketed around a colonial, nautical theme. The two ships originally used on their packaging were the Grand Turk and the Friendship. As years progressed, Old Spice continued to use other aesthetically similar ships on their packaging.

Until recently, Old Spice used the cheeky slogan “The Original. If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist”. And who can forget Isaiah Mustafa, the American actor and former NFL player, who was featured in a funny commercial titled “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” that instantly went viral? Mixing the Old Spice product with silly humor successfully captured their target audience.  And now, the current marketing and advertising campaign is also designed to entertain the viewer. Featuring Old Spice pitchman Bob Giovanni, as a retro1980s TV host, talking about the benefits of using the “Hardest Working Collection” product in a tongue-in-cheek infomercial. This unique form of fun advertising and marketing combined with exceptional products makes it a pleasure to work with such an innovative company.  Visit oldspice.com to watch videos and learn more about the “Hardest Working Collection” And you can even download an Old Spice whistle ringtone. Legendary!

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Taylor Camp