Savane is a business casual men’s performance clothing brand that makes comfortable and breathable dress pants, suit jackets and dress shirts. The Premium Flex Twill Flat-Front Pants I’m wearing are made with cotton spandex that makes them a comfortable fit. And the inside has an elastic stretch cord called Activflex, which makes them easy to take on and off, giving them ease and functionality. But these aren’t your grandfather’s stretch pants! These flat-front twill pants will make you the best dressed man in the room.

I chose the cadet blue color opposed to black, because black usually feels too formal for me, while blue is a color that’s easier for me to dress up or down. For a more formal event, I would wear these pants with a pair of mahogany double monks, a brown belt, a blue banker stripped shirt, a cotton blazer and a crested Ralph Lauren tie. And for a more casual event, I would wear them with a fitted t-shirt, belt and dressier sneakers. These pants can be purchased either online or at many department stores around the United States. Some of these stores include Belk, Kohls, JC Penny and Bon Ton.

Photo credit: Drew Hall

Taylor Camp