My Laser Hair Removal Experience

In my opinion, a hairy back is unsightly. To solve my own personal issue with the amount of hair on my back that made me feel uncomfortable, I recently scheduled an appointment with Flash Lab Laser. Located between East 59th and 60th street in New York City, Flash Lab works with a plastic surgeon and offers an array of skin tightening, laser hair removal treatments, injectables and non-surgical fat reduction treatments.

The esthetic of the office is clean, modern and inviting but not too stuffy. The flashy gold elements incorporated into the décor reinforce the name of the business. Both the owners Kelly and Jenny were friendly and I instantly felt welcomed and comfortable. Kelly and Jenny are two licensed estheticians and laser specialists. They met in a laser spa of 2011 and joined forces to create Flash Lab Laser and offer something both the laser and spa industry has yet to come across.

The treatment itself was a breeze. For my hair removal treatment, they use a new state of the art laser system called Candela. The Candela laser system has a built in Cryogen cooling system that made for a surprisingly comfortable session. Flash Lab offers other beverages but the red wine I chose helped ease any laser pain or discomfort.

Overall, my whole experience was extremely satisfying. Flash Lab Laser prides itself on being friendly, accommodating and thorough. Some spa laser experiences have a factory feel to them where you are rushed to the door to make room for a slew of people in the waiting room. Kelly and Jenny leave you enough time to address any concerns you may have, enjoy a glass of wine and have the most effective treatment possible. I’m very fortunate to have Flash Lab Laser as a resource to help me with my skin care concerns. 

Taylor Camp