Julien Farel Exercise Class

Recently, I took a workout class at JF Fitness located in the Loews Regency Hotel on New York’s Upper East Side. This facility is reserved only for the hotel guests.

I was fortunate enough to take this class with master trainer Christine De Almeida. Christine started the class with some simple agility obstacles, which got my blood flowing.

Then, I put boxing gloves on and she taught me how to kickbox. This was my first experience with kickboxing and what I found most interesting was how to position your body and how to successfully get the most powerful punch out of each lunge. She taught me how to jab, hook and uppercut. Each of the three different punches had a completely different motion compared to one another and at times I felt like I was dancing to my own modern choreography.

Next, came weight training, which was much harder than I expected. Christine showed me the proper way to bench press and lift weights. The final exercise, an abdominal core workout was the most challenging. After the class was over, I definitely had an “exercise high”.  I ended my session at Julien Farel Fitness relaxing in a steam room located in the men’s locker room. Julien Farel Fitness is an excellent resource for beginner, as well as seasoned athletes.  The facility offers many other weight training and cardio options I would recommend looking into.

Taylor Camp