Spark Laser Center

Recently, I had a photo facial treatment at Spark Laser Center located on West 57th street in New York City. A photo facial is a skin treatment process that uses light-based technology to boost collagen, reduce redness, treat brown spots and diminish broken capillaries. The follow day after a treatment, new skin cells will form giving the skin a firmer, tighter and smoother appearance. The number of treatments needed depends on the condition of the skin. However, with just one treatment, I’ve already noticed positive results of brighter and more even skin tone.

My treatment was with the Candela Laser System. This laser system uses state-of-the-art light technology combined with cryogen, a liquefied cooling gas that’s built into the laser. After each pulse of light, the cryogen cools the skin preventing burns. Even when the laser was set to a higher setting, I felt no pain after each pulse. At the completion of my treatment, the aesthetician put a post laser mask over my face and poured me a complementary glass of red wine.

Using the Candela Laser System, Spark Laser also offers laser hair removal, pigmentation removal and vascular removal for men.

Happy #manscaping! 

Taylor Camp