Clear + Brilliant

Recently, I received a great skin treatment called Clear + Brilliant at Skin Thera P, a Medical Anti-Aging spa located on 77th Street in the Upper East Side of New York City. Skin Thera P offers an array of different skin and body treatments and just one visit provided me with exceptional service and results. To me, taking care of my skin is an essential part of my grooming routine and I’m happy to have found this effective treatment so close to home.

The Clear + Brilliant laser is a treatment that helps prevent early signs of aging for all skin types. This is a more gentle approach compared to other more aggressive laser resurfacing treatments. After each pass, the laser creates microscopic channels in the skin, which removes damaged skin and reveals healthy and visibly younger looking skin. Some benefits of this treatment include: reduced pore size, improved skin tone and texture, softer skin all with minimal downtime.

To start the treatment, Angela, the aesthetician, numbed my face with a special numbing cream and during the 45-minute treatment she did about six passes on my face. Immediately afterwards, my skin was red and I looked sunburned. But just two days after the treatment, my skin slowly returned to its normal color and it felt so much healthier and clearer.  This treatment was right for me because I already practice a skin-care routine that includes cleansing and sunscreen.  My goal was to prevent aging caused by the pollutants of living in the city and to keep my skin looking good for years to come.  Most people have excellent results after 4-6 treatments. The Clear and Brilliant laser treatment is definitely an option for any man who wants to fight the natural and environmental effects of aging.

For more information and to see other skin and body treatments visit the Skin Thera P website.

Taylor Camp