Tribeca Med Spa

Recently, I had a PCA chemical peel for my back at Tribeca MedSpa to address hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels stimulates cellular turnover and collagen production to reveal healthier, more even and luminous skin.

This med spa is located in  Tribeca near Financial District on 114 Hudson Street. This med spa is really spacious and relaxing. The waiting room had a waterfall, which I thought was great and something I’ve never seen before in a New York City med spa.

Suen Lee was the medical aesthetician that gave me my treatment. The treatment room itself was huge and I immediately felt at ease. To start things off, after a thorough consultation and consent given, Suen cleansed and toned the skin on my back. She then applied multiple layers of peel solutions using effective ingredients such as niacinamide, hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic acid, retinoids, L-ascorbic acid, beta and alpha hydroxyl acids.  The peel solutions will vary from person to person as treatments are customized based on client’s concerns addressing multiple skin issues simultaneously. I felt a slight tingle which dissipated quickly. The peel solution was left on the skin, then moisturizer and sunscreen was applied.  Afterwards, she thoroughly explained my post care directions to avoid wetting the skin for eight hours and to avoid heat for 48 hours. I was given a cream to use for a week for hydration.  

 The whole experience was relaxing from start to finish and my result was beneficial. This was my best NYC med spa experience and I highly recommend you to visit soon.

Taylor Camp