Recently, I had an opportunity to test drive the Amazfit Pace. This device is a GPS smart watch with a battery life that lasts up to five days. The Pace is a comfortable and lightweight watch designed to track your metrics (cadence, altitude, pace, distance, time and heart rate) through the running app Strava. It also has a feature that saves your favorite running playlist connected wirelessly through Bluetooth ear buds.  And, to incorporate the "smart" watch feature, this device allows the user to receive incoming calls, texts and emails on the display screen while exercising, allowing for phone-free running.

Living so close to Central Park has been a great outlet for running and stress relief. After completing each run, the watch has helped me track my progress. This way, I am motivated to compete with myself and set goals before each run, a feature that has become an important part of my training arsenal. The Amazfit Pace, described as “Technology for Runners” sells at retail for $160.00.  It’s the best running smart watch that I’ve used and has quickly become my go-to running accessory.

Taylor Camp