Bobby Buka Q & A for the Tie Guy

1)    What are your thoughts about the evolving men's grooming trend?

As it turns out, looking like a lumberjack is harder than it looks! This burly male aesthetic is appealing to the outdoor renaissance man, an urbanite who travels frequently and holds an axe with two hands. Maintaining a beard requires product, time, and effort, and as men get into grooming they pay more attention to their skin. Skincare has never been just for women, so it’s great to see men taking more initiative in maintaining a healthy dermis. 


2)     What products and brands do you use yourself?

My go-to products are FAB 5-1 Moisturizer with SPF,  FAB Cleanser, and Prana Farms Body Soap. Natural skincare products are gentle and powerful all at once, so when I recommend them to patients, it’s not just talk: I use them personally and can confidently vouch for their benefits.  


3)     What products are you against using? Why?

Despite their popularity, I can’t advocate for astringents. Alcohol-based toners strip protective natural facial oils and quickly chap the skin, which is more damaging than beneficial in the long-run. Natural oils are a sign of healthy skin, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. If you feel your skin is too oily, try deep cleansing or using blotting pads instead. 


4)     What's your favorite treatment? Why?

My favorite treatment for patients depends on their tolerance for healing time. If a patient doesn’t mind a week of scabbing, I can do some serious good with our CO2 laser, which replaces damaged dermis with fresh new skin. For consistently reproducible results with less than a day of downtime, my favorite treatment is plasma micro-needling, which stimulates the skin’s natural healing process via collagen and elastin production.

5)       What is the best piece of advice you could recommend for taking care of your skin?

Consistent moisturization, hydration, and sun protection is key to great skin! I recommend combining your moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30, and starting off every day with it, rain or shine. 

Taylor Camp