Button Up Collar Stays


So let me tell you about Button Up Collar Stays.  This U.S. patent product and versatile tool was well thought out and easy to use and in fact, was originally developed to help people with dexterity issues and arthritis. 

The Collar Stays come in two different highly durable materials, plastic and metal that won't break.  And it works like this: The tool hooks around any shirt button while the top piece slides through the hole and pulls the button through. So you no longer have to worry about using your fingers to try to squeeze and fumble with the buttons.  Brilliant! Just like a shoehorn, the Button Up Collar Stays is a tool that facilitates a morning routine. 

The retro branding was well thought out, too,  almost something I would expect to see in a 1950's menswear shop. I look forward to using this product, to not only save wear and tear on my shirt buttons, but to help me get ready faster in the morning. 

Taylor Camp