Why I dislike joggers

Joggers; the laziest approach to wearing a pair of pants. Popular among the sneaker head community, these pants were designed to highlight the shoe the person is wearing. Besides jeans, these pants clinch at the person’s ankles. This trend started in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg, owner and founder of the street style focused shop KITH located in SOHO NYC. He created this style by experimenting with a pair of camo pants that didn’t fit him properly. Once he altered them and put an elastic cuff on the bottom, a trend was born.

Dressing more casually should never been taken with a lazy approach. I believe that you can be just as comfortable wearing a pair of jeans compared to wearing joggers. Joggers are nearly impossible to dress up. With something so ill fitting and relaxed to begin with, you automatically look poorly dressed. Lastly, dressing exactly the same way as everyone else isn’t inspiring. Menswear should be more focused on classic, staple pieces that have been in existence since my grandparent’s generation. I wish this trend will end and I will never support it.