Robb Vices


For this past Valentines Day, I was happy to receive the February box, or "Melted Romance" box by Robb Vices. This is a subscription delivery box service sent to your door once a month filled with hand selected items.  Robb Vices focus on products and experiences that will bring out the best in a persons life. And, as an added benefit to the subscription, the items that are included in each one of these boxes have a value that's more than the price of the actual subscription service itself.

In this "Melted Romance" box, I received a candle from D.L. & Co, Chocolate from Fixx's Chocolate, a ceramic fondue pot from Emile Henry and an Italian craft beer from La Birra Di Meni. My favorite product about this box was the beer, and it surprised me because I generally prefer wine over beer. La Birra Di Meni is a naturally double malted beer that is unpasteurized and refermented in the bottle. Visually, I really liked the amber color and it was crisp and refreshing. Including beer in a Valentines box, rather than the expected bottle of wine, is a great suggestion to someone who is new to the beer world or who doesn't usually prefer to drink beer. Combined with the candle and chocolate fondue, it also reinforces the focus Robb Vices puts on creating new experiences with their monthly subscription products. Cheers!

Taylor Camp