TUNG Brush


Although it’s not often talked about, tongue health is much more important than you think. Doctors and dentists routinely check the tongue as it gives clues to issues going on in the mouth and body. Because tongues aren't smooth, bacteria, if not properly removed, can hide in the crevices and grow between the taste buds. Rinsing the mouth with water after brushing or using mouthwash doesn't solve the problem either. When rinsing, only the superficial bacteria are destroyed, while the bacteria below the surface continue to thrive. 

So, here’s a solution. Recently, I've been using a TUNG Brush and Tongue Cleaning System. The TUNG brush was specifically designed by a dentist for tongue cleaning. The bristles on this tool work through the crevices and around the taste buds reducing bacteria on the tongue. The tool is easy to handle and fits comfortably in your hand. Used with a mint gel, my mouth feels refreshed after each daily use. And TUNG products are designed and made in America. So, it’s time to get behind a good product and start taking care of your mouth while the new year is still young! Talking about it should be “right on the tip of your tongue”. Happy brushing!

Bonus! TUNG needs your help to decide what colors will be sold on the market, so I need YOU to VOTE on your favorite TUNG brush color! Once you do, you will be automatically selected to win a $250 Amazon gift card. If you want to buy a “Partner Pack” of brushes and gels, at a 10% savings plus free shipping you can use this link: https://www.tungbrush.com/redeem/

Taylor Camp