A classic navy suit is essential. This piece is mandatory for any man trying to look his best. A navy suit can easily be worn during any occasion for any day of the week, and the most important part to looking and feeling great in a suit is the fit. Here I’m wearing the Ocean Navy Birdseye suit from CottonBrew.

CottonBrew is a menswear company who makes made-to-measure garments without the hassle of tailoring tape. In fact, they’re the only company that can create a tailored suit without asking for a list of measurements that require a friend to measure you awkwardly with low accuracy. In contrast, their fitting process is simple, and they ask for just a few simple questions and 2 photos after you place the order. They also put creating a suit into the power of the customer’s hands with an array of customizable options. With being able to choose from a variety of styles, the end product feels more personal, fitted, and real. This is really important and provides the customer with a much different experience compared to other off the rack suiting companies. I selected the two-buttoned notch lapel with two back vents, pocket flaps and no pleats.


Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a great service that any man should try. Shaving is generally known to be a pain for guys and this service makes any grooming routine easier, faster and much less stressful. Dollar Shave Club is set up in a series of four steps to help the user get his best grooming results.

The first step is called Blades. You can choose the razor blade you think that would work best for you. The first razor blade is called The Humble Twin. This razor was designed for the minimalist. It comes with two stainless steel blades and five cartridges per month. The second razor blade is called the 4x, which comes with four stainless steel blade and was designed for the moderate shaver. Lastly, the third razor is called The Executive, which was designed for the heavy shaver. The Executive comes with a special trimmer edge and a lubricating strip filled with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender to help calm sensitive skin. 

The second step is called Shave. Once you have your razor picked out, you choose which Shaving cream products you wish to use. The shaving cream products are called Dr. Carvers. The three Dr. Carver items that come in each box are the shave butter, the after-shave gel and the repair serum. 

The third step is called Style. You choose which hair styling products you wish to use. The styling cream products are called Boogie’s. These products are two different types of hair gel and hair clay. The customer can choose between the two depending on his preference.

The last step is called Fresh. The customer can choose to have One Wipe Charlie’s added to his box. These wipes have Aloe Vera and Chamomile in them for a more civilized way to wipe. I view them as advanced toilet paper.

Lastly, all the designs for the labels and packaging were created with an old school aesthetic. This is great because the small details are really important.

Dollar Shave Club lets you cancel your service anytime without fees. Also, they make it simple to either upgrade or downgrade to which plan fits your specific needs. In conclusion, with a subscription service that’s lenient, inexpensive and friendly, you have no reason to not try it yourself. Happy shaving!