I recently attended a meditation event at MNDFL studio located in Washington Square Park in New York City. During the event, focused on overall personal health, I learned simple meditation exercises to practice when the body feels like it needs a readjustment. I also learned about eye health, which is generally misunderstood, and the importance of wearing sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays. I also had an opportunity to try a variety of healthy juices that had beneficial properties for maintaining eye health.

It’s so important to schedule an eye exam at least once a year. Dr. Mark Jacquot, Clinical Director & VP at LensCrafters, who spoke at the event, explained that an Optometrist can easily detect potential issues of a person’s health from a comprehensive eye exam. For example, some diseases a doctor might uncover include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. When a person has underlying health problems, their eyes may show certain symptoms such as a white ring around the iris, blurred vision, or vessel damage. Not a pretty thought.

I decided to have my eyes tested by LensCrafters’ new state of the art eye exam called Clarifye. This digitally based exam scans and maps the unique fingerprint of your eyes. This system helps doctors get a better understanding of your vision health. When my exam was completed, I learned that I have a stigmatism and that I’m nearsighted. After a consultation with a store associate, I chose a Giorgio Armani frame (pictured) for a classic look combined with a perfect fit for the shape of my face. It’s now much easier for me to read and I no longer suffer from eyestrain after long hours on the computer. 

 The whole process taught me that I really need my eyes, as I’m sure you do too! Eye health is a big deal and an exam is simple. Thanks to LensCrafters for helping me “see the light”.



Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Part Two

The second part of the Old Spice campaign included a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, home of Procter and Gamble. A group of bloggers and men’s grooming editors toured the Procter and Gamble campus and learned about the history of the Old Spice products and how the brand was created. Later, we went to the Old Spice factory where the actual product was both made and tested. It was really interesting to see the science behind “The Hardest Working” collection deodorant and body wash. We learned how the scents were developed, the proprietary technology used and the various laboratory tests conducted to make sure the products performed as expected.

One specific test, for example, held deodorant in a room that was extremely hot and also in a room that was extremely cold. Since Old Spice sends products around the world, they need to be tested in extreme conditions to insure that nothing goes wrong in transit to their final destination.

The following day I participated in my first Tough Mudder.  A Tough Mudder is considered a “challenge” and not a race. It’s a collaborative effort to power through an array of different obstacles as a team. Old Spice teamed up with Tough Mudder to test the performance of“The Hardest Working Collection” Along with running an 11-mile race, I climbed under a barb wired fence, made my way through a difficult set of monkey bars, carried an 190 pound man on my back for 100 yards, powered through an ice plunge, and finished the challenge by running through an electricity dangled wired mess. This was a great experience and I quickly bonded with my Tough Mudder team. After the race was over, I tested the “Hardest Working Collection” “Dirt Destroyer” body wash and I was really pleased with the result. The wash is a thicker formula that provides more dirt –fighting lather and I felt fresh and clean afterwards thanks to the green “Lasting Legend” scent.  My skin was smooth, and not tight, as it sometimes is with a deodorant soap. I also used the “Odor Blocker and Sweat Defense” deodorant with a similar excellent result. This soft/solid deodorant is formulated using Old Spice technology to trap odors and, in turn, release a long lasting pleasing scent.  The Tough Mudder event was the perfect proving ground for this new Old Spice collection and the products provided unparallel performance.

Being in the menswear industry, I pay close attention to men’s grooming products and I’m really impressed with this “Hardest Working” collection.

Also of note, Proctor and Gamble is an American company and Old Spice has been made in the US for almost 80 years. A core principle of my blog is to promote American companies and American-made products and my collaboration with Proctor and Gamble and Old Spice was an excellent experience.